Introduction :- Globalization of the world market has not only affected the world economy but also the social structure of the society which is quite visible at least in the third world developing countries. This can be easily ascertained from the fact that gap between the status and importance of white color professional and skilled and semi-skilled labors is narrowing down with passing of the time. Increasing importance, requirement and demand of this skilled and semi- skilled class in the developed countries is an indicator of this change. There is a high upsurge in the demand for the skilled workers like plumbers, electricians, mechanics, motor mechanics, masons, carpenters and other skilled worker required to maintain the daily use gadgets and equipments in the households and industrial sector. Although they were always considered important  in the daily life but  were neither paid nor treated respectfully. This is not the case now with opening world markets and increasing demand in the developed countries and of course the Mantra of dignity of work spreading all over the world they are making their  space in the society along with getting considerably good remunerations from their work. Governments of various   underdeveloped and developing countries like India are also putting every effort to provide  formal basis training to their workmen by opening institutions like ITI’s (Industrial training Institutes) that can provide them with the necessary skill required to get these job in the  domestic as well as  international industrial sector. This is an encouraging factor for young turks who are not so well in their studies or those who could not have access to better education somehow. Although on job training is enough for getting these jobs yet formal training from ITI’s can provide an upper hand to the  candidates as with the increase in demand competition is also increasing in these jobs too. Armed with skill aspirants can get work in small scale industries, motor garages besides getting opportunities in the developed countries like Australia, Canada and Britain to name a few of them.

Job Prospects in Skilled and Semi-Skilled Labour Services








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